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GiftWrappedSM believes that your employees, your clients, your channel partners and all business associates are your company's brand ambassadors. We recognize that your relationship with them is special as they significantly impact on your company's performance.

Undoubtedly, corporate gifts is one of the most effective ways to bring your company closer to your employees, your clients, your channel partners or your business associatesand the values of your brand. They express your appreciation of them being a partner in your company's growth, as well as convey that you value their association immensely.

GiftWrappedSM is a company offering a wide range of products for Corporate Gifts, Merchandise requirements, Marketing & Promotions, Rewards & Recognition. We adopt a very systematic and professional approach in selecting products that best suits your corporate gifting requirement, ensuring that the gift has a very positive impact on the recipient. We ensure that you get the best products at the right price. Every single gift is then customized with your logo(s) and/or any other content, and delivered to the table of the recipient on time.

We are constantly upgrading our range of gifts with innovative and contemporary products, so that your corporate gift stands apart in every way.GiftWrappedSM's robust infrastructure is geared to supply volumes to your associates or stakeholders across India or abroad.

Our multiple departments work in a synchronized manner right from selection to delivery so that your experience of dealing with us is a very easy, engaging and satisfying experience.

We understand how important your brand is to you. We know that the product you gift, represents your brand's values. We acknowledge that when you gift something to someone, the product's performance indirectly reflects the performance of your product or service. Hence we are very particular about the quality of the product we offer and are very sensitive about the way we place your logo on the product.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, with more than 9 years of experience and presence in the mega metros of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.We are one of India's fastest growing Corporate Gifting Companies.

Our comprehensive internal and external infrastructure includes

  • a production unitfor apparel and bags,
  • a large network with national suppliers and importers to import contemporary gifting products,
  • tie-ups with some of the most reputedbrands in the country
  • an in-house design team and
  • anin-house customization capabilities like printing, engraving, embossing, etc.

Give us an opportunity to serve you and we will assure you that when it comes to Corporate Gifts… You will need to Look No Further…

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No force can stop an idea whose time had come.

Seven years since they broke a new path in life as entrepreneurs, SrikanthAcharya and Srinath, the young co-founders of GiftWrappedSM, stand tall as examples of this saying.  Although they began their working careers as employees of reputed companies, their internal drive to make a mark as entrepreneurs soon helped them sense an opportunity in corporate gifting.

Although corporate gifting had been around for a while, the transactions were basic as activities were restricted to selection of samples, purchase and delivery of gifts.

Srikanth and Srinath visualizednot just the large untapped potential in corporate gifting, but their very own role in the market. Rather than being content by becoming yet another vendor with a market share, their aim was bring in first time ever practices by offering specialized services at different stages of corporate gifting – all under one roof.They aimed to professionalize the concept of corporate gifting by bringing in value added service to the client right from selection to sampling to prototype development to delivery.

Lady Luck planned their first break better than they could ever have thought of. Back to back orders for labeling stickers for car fresheners and T shirts launched their exciting and challenging journey in corporate gifting.

The sharp lessons of the initial days served them well as today,GiftWrappedSM has grown from strength to strength, in terms of experience and clients. With a robust team looking after well-demarcated areas, GiftWrappedSM is geared to pay attention to every detail of corporate gifting.

When asked what is it that made established corporates risk giving important and large scale gifting orders to rank newcomers, says Srikanth, "People somehow believed in us, and they still do. Friends working in companies put us on to their HR personnel who usually look after corporate gifting. Suppliers supported us. Without them, we would not have come this far, this fast. That faith that GiftWrappedSM is able to win in people, is what keeps us going."

Even though they could have had secure and well paying jobs as employees, the two do not regret the path they choose even for a second. "The satisfaction lies in the fact that we are giving meaningful livelihood opportunities to about 70 people; we are actually creating jobs".






To be an organization that is respected globally for its integrity, innovation and pursuit of excellence.


To deliver UNIQUE CORPORATE GIFTING solutions and achieve CUSTOMER DELIGHT through

  • PRODUCTS of good quality and value for money
  • Innovative, flexible and professional SERVICES


  • The Customer is central to our business and it is our soul duty to offer the best services at the best prices to the customer at all times.
  • We show enormous respect for the individual initiative and personal growth of every Belonger.
  • Vendors are the key to our success. They are not just mere suppliers, but our partners.
  • Integrity in business. All our transactions will follow fair and just business practices.
  • We strongly believe time is money and that whatever there is to do, is best done now.
  • Good enough never is. We try not to just beat our competition, but try to beat what we were yesterday.
  • Efforts are a must, but it is the results that count.

We respect the Mother Nature. We ensure we conserve energy and usage of natural resources.





I am Srinath Setty, CEO and Co-founder of Gift WrappedSM. After completing my engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore I chose to work with GE Lighting in the sales team. I was born a salesman. Post my sales stints at GE, followed by Walltracts, I did my MBA from Xavier's Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship and then nose-dived into business.

Coming from a business family, Entrepreneurship was an obvious route for me to take. I have primarily been heading sales and finance at Gift WrappedSM. The journey of building this organization has been very enjoyable and one which is very close to my heart. I take immense pride in the team that we have come to form. I get my kick from the confidence that our clients place in us (a lot of times, more than we have in ourselves).

Going forward, I see us offering many more services related to the Rewards & Recognition and Marketing & Promotional needs of our clients.




I am SrikanthAcharya, COO and Co-founder of Gift WrappedSM. I am an Engineer by qualification and started my career as a Software Engineer with Infosys. A year into the grind and I was bit by the Entrepreneurship bug and started Gift WrappedSMalong with Srinath.

From the beginning, I have been playing strategic and operational roles in the company. My love for interacting with people and my natural team building abilities has played a key factor in building a great team at Gift WrappedSM. I am an adventurer at heart and love challenges. My drive for innovation and improvisation has reflected in Gift WrappedSM's growth story.

I see Gift WrappedSMas a company that entered the Corporate Gifting market when the time was just right. I believe, we are staring at the opportunity of becoming a name synonymous with Corporate Gifting in India.

GiftWrappedSM has dedicated personnel looking after specific stages from sampling to delivery. While as a customer, you may be interacting primarily with the sales team, the customer support and design team, there is a larger team working behind the scenes to ensure that every order placed with GiftWrappedSM is executed smoothly.





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